Our speedy Juniors!

Congratulations to all of our juniors racing yesterday at the schools cross country, representing their schools in the different age groups. First up would have been Callum, in the yr 7s, coming in 2nd overall. Then the year 8 and 9s were grouped together, and we had Lily and Lola in yr 9 racing and Annie from year 8 racing. Overall results were Lola 2nd, a great 5th from Lily, whilst losing a tooth half way around (I think thats worth double from the tooth fairy! :) ) and Annie came in 12th, which I was particularly impressed with, bearing in mind how little and young in the age group she was (ok, and shes my daughter!!! :) ) Also, she wasnt actually on the team, so found the games teacher (thanks Josh for telling her about it) in the morning, and got on the team, coming first from her school as well…..Pro-active….thats my girl! :)

Moving swiftly on, in the next age catagory, we had Sam Josh and Serena. Sam won, Josh came 6th, and at present I am not sure where Serena came, however, Im guessing in the top 3….lets be honest, its usually first, but Im not going to make presumptions!

Hope I havent missed anyone, if I have please let me know

Hope to see you all at Track tonight! :)

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