Alpe D’Huez Training Camp review 2024

IMG_2686Similar to last year, pre camp, Ade and I travelled to Aix en Provence, to meet up with Max and Zara on their travels, and for me to race the 70.3. This year it was sunnier, and yet again, a fantastic event. A stunning bike course with a mixture of fast flats and climbs throughout the Provence region, finished with an incredibly well supported 3 lap run around Aix en Provence. The race went well, despite twisting my ankle on the first lap, and we thoroughly enjoyed the free popcorn and water in the cinema for the prize ceremony before heading back to our house in Allemond. Sadly Ade had to head home for the week, however I stayed with Max and Zara for a pre camp opportunity to test out the mountains, and chill out after racing, joined mid week by Emma as well. Perfect way to spend my birthday
cee426d7-6aef-4b6f-9d7d-f3b215cd0622Although officially the camp kicked off on Monday, we had a great ride on the Saturday with Becky Nick Emma and Eric, and tested out the lake on the Sunday post run as well. It has been colder, but I would say also warmer!
Due to the weather being chillier than normal and a bit mixed, we planned the long route earlier in the week, so had a chilled ride up Villard then the last few turns of Alpe D’huez on the Monday, followed by a pool swim, and were very impressed that George and Will popped in to swim on route to Allemond from the UK! Tuesday we picked Col Ornon so George and Will could find their mountain legs again before we tackled the 4 mountains on Wednesday, fully supported with Ade in the van carrying all our food, water and layers!
f06b0fb6-61c2-43eb-9b26-0854acac38f1Yet again it did not disappoint, and the riding from everyone was super strong, well paced, and more importantly, very supportive towards each other. Huge thanks to Becky and Nick for leading it out as frustratingly, I came down with a bug, (bad timing!) and very impressed with the quality of riding from everyone. Special mention as well to Zara, who has literally only started riding a road bike, about 4 weeks ago, and at present, with no cleats, took on Ornon, Villard, and Sechlienne mountain climbs, as well as all the runs and swims!
0a6b0fb3-2052-4283-89b2-5baea7583763The Alpe is always a toughie at the end of a long day, and although there is a potential easy spin back to avoid it, it was clearly not an option!  Thank you Eric for linking me up with Tim the Australian, who chatted the entire way up the climb with me, and Emma for a few switch backs, it passed the time, and super riding from the speedy ones at the front! I think George may have been on his 3rd muffin by the time I got to the top!
The weather definitely turned a bit damp for the next few days although we were lucky for Thursdays run, though I think it was a bit stormy for the afternoon lake, and Friday was a complete wash out. Going to 8 degrees from in the 20s, and torrential rain, everyone still wrapped up, and head out for an hours hill rep set up Villard, followed by an afternoon swim. Very impressive!
PHOTO-2024-06-01-15-48-08The final ride on saturday was very chilled and absolutely stunning. Up the first 4 turns of Alpe D’Huez, then across to Auris, before heading up Les Deux Alpes. Honestly, the views were stunning, the sun came out again, and it was the perfect ride to finish off the week.
Thank you to everyone who came, it was a fantastic week, on the road and off. Next year then we are tapering into the Alpeman in Annecy I hear??? :)


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