Gold Coast ITU World Championships

Becky Goodwin was in sparkling form at the ITU world championship final on the Gold Coast in September. She decided to race the sprint as a warm up for the Olympic distance event and after a slightly slower swim than she would like, Becky stormed the bike – time trialing back to the lead chase group before dragging them all around for the next 10km – in fact slowing down to wait for them on the corner exits. Possibly should have just put her head down and gone for it as 3 of them them were fresher for the run and pipped Becky to an excellent 5th place. Unfortunately the Olympic distance event was a little less productive – a decent swim and great strat to the bike was ruined when Becky realised that her number had become dislodged. Despite knowing the inevitable DQ was on the way, Becky still pulled herself round the course to post a time that would have put  her in contention – and we suspect a podium finish may well have been on the cards……… Overall though an awesome season with some awesome results and much excitment to come in 2019!

gold coast

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