I started training with Fran at the end of January 2010 with the goal of losing weight, increasing general fitness and completing a triathlon season “well” without injury.

Many testimonials will talk about the qualitative side of a professional service, but if you’re reading this and thinking about signing up with Fran, I’ll break down the facts as they stand so you can decide for yourself.

I lost 25lbs in 6 months. I went from an 8min 45sec pace per mile in a “stand alone” 5k to a 6min 40sec pace as part of a sprint triathlon. I reduced over 10 mins from my bike leg for a sprint triathlon.

I completed my first Olympic distance. I never thought I could swim that far for a start, running a 7min 15sec pace for 6.4 miles (personal best), dropped my resting heart rate to 50 beats per minute, I finished 4 Triathlons, 2 of which in the top 25% for my age group. And I didn’t have one injury all season.

All goals achieved, roll on next year where Fran will be training me for my first 70.3 Half Iron. Achieving goals begins well before the start line, you have to do the work, there’s no substitute. Fran offers direction, support and professional coaching to help you realize the finish line.

» Alex Staddon-Smith – Seattle USA


I began my triathlon career in 2007 with no particular focus or ambitious goals other than to start and finish a sprint distance race at the age of 40. 2008 saw me attempt my first standard distance event.

Ill-prepared with no real idea of the required changes needed to my training programme, I struggled with a sub-3 hour time and did not enjoy the event to the extent that I did not race again for another year. Cue Fran Bungay.

Fran began coaching me in 2010 following my decision to enter the Ironman 70.3 UK qualifier in Exmoor in 2011. She’s helped push me to limits I never thought or believe I could attain and unleashed the inner tri beast in me.

2011 saw me qualify for the world championships in my age group. 2012 has led to age-group podium finishes in TriStar Milton Keynes (3rd) and Challenge Vichy (2nd) with other local race results a vast improvement on my earlier attempts at triathlon.

At 46 years of age, I am now aiming for the ultimate holy grail of triathlon racing – “The Ironman” – a journey that I would not have undertaken if not for Fran.

Fran is not only knowledgeable and qualified in the field of sports coaching, she is also a very talented athlete herself and a true inspiration to all she coaches and races with. She knows her stuff and is well aware of the trials and tribulations of training and racing.

She is also a thoroughly nice person and together with her husband, Ade and her children make a fantastic support crew!

» Liz – Poole Dorset


In October 2011 I was an inconsistent runner, who had only ever run a Race for Life 5k, weighing 60kg (5’1”), my only swimming stroke was a weak breast stroke, I owned a heavy hybrid bike and was heading for 40 the following August. Then I met Fran. Fran instantly motivated me and through her consistency and understanding I am now ready for my first triathlon.

A year on I own a road racer and am using cleats, I swim a solid front crawl, have run my first half marathon (1h 53m), weigh 50kg and feel better than I have ever felt.

I never thought that I would be in this place with exercise. The individualised weekly routine, that very steadily builds, has encouraged me to constantly train without reaching for excuses.

Fran has changed who I am as a person and has brought out the very best in me as a sports enthusiast.

I am in a very happy space and I thank Fran for getting me here.

» Liz F – Weymouth Dorset