Training weekend and events round up.




After a long delay, we were finally able to run a weekend of Training for the team here in Dorset. Obviously due to commitments, and races, not all of the team were able to make it, but those that did committed to the sessions 100% . This started with joining in with the Tripurbeck session on Friday evening, the infamous 2-3min loops at pace, a nice little starter to ease everyone in. Fortunately the rain stayed away for our longer ride on Saturday, which consisted of a group spin to an undulating loop, for a  build loop 1-3  session. Thank you to Alex and

Sarah for leading out the first lap for familiarisation purposes, we only had one go a bit stray! Then in true form, all athletes worked hard in building on this over their subsequent loops, finishing

swimhard after about 90mins of work. A nice easy cool down spin took us back to Wareham, for a few to do a short run off before swimming post lunch!

Despite a bit of fatigue, and that post lunch tiredness, there were no complaints at the swim

set planned, which was a bit nasty in places.  Both Ade and myself were really impressed with the effort, focus and execution of this session. Another session absolutely nailed, and it was great having Chris joining us and to see George again post surgery. His one armed Unco

drill was nailed by the end!  The day was nicely rounded off with the help of Coach Annie, with a bit of strength and conditioning. Everyone had certainly earned their evening Pizza, and a special thanks to the Italian Kitchen for providing 21 pizzas, no mistakes and ready to collect at 7pm! Hopefully next time we can actually go as a group to the restaurant.

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Sunday, we were joined also by Jess Louise and Shelley for the run / swim, in which Ade lead out an easy (ha ha) off road run from Swanage to Old Harrys Rocks to take in the views, before heading back for some OW entry / exit and drafting practice on a triangular loop. My first OW swim of the year, and after the initial shock it actually wasn’t too bad, and a great way to finish off the training for the weekend.  (or was that the coffee and cake back at all stars! )


Both Ade and I thoroughly enjoyed training with all of you, your positivity, support, encouragement towards each and everyone is something else, and we are incredibly lucky to work with you all.  Lets hope we do not have to wait as long for the next one!

Whilst we were all enjoying ourselves swimming biking and running in the Purbecks, we still had a few athletes racing. Sophie took on her first ever Triathlon at Sand Banks, thoroughly enjoying the event, and putting in a really solid performance for her first of many! Anna was running in the Combe Keynes 10k and came 6th overall, which is a great performance considering the injury she has had.  Claire at the last minute decided to enter a standard distance triathlon, which makes 3 events in 3 weekends, bringing it to her 3rd triathlon!

Now, after a few easier days, we have Bustinskins events on sunday, where a number of athletes will be taking on the sprint, standard and middle distance events. Lets hope the sun comes back out!



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