Ades first race of the season….about time!

Also, racing at Arundel was Ade, in his first sprint race of the season. I was off first at 7.15am, then Ade was due to start at 9.15, so once I went off on the bike, Ade warmed up……in the car, snoring evidently, as Annie reported. Yep Annie was our support crew which was brilliant, though if you notice, the start times were only 2 hours apart, so I needed to get a shift on, to be back for Annie before Ade disappeared on course……we had time!! (just)

I finished in time to see Ade complete his last length in his bright pink hat, to race into transition. After approximately 20seconds on his bike, he got off. Annie and I were a bit concerned, but it was fine, he had just forgot to tighten his back wheel!!! (Maybe less time “warming up” and more time prepping next time!) Unfortunately this was all time, so his bike leg was a bit slower then hoped, however, a solid run at the end put him 15th overall. For the first race of the season, coming back from injury its none too shabby. Looking forward to the next one, a qualifier this time on the 15th June. Maybe we need to go back to the drawing board with race prep!!

Results for the long course and short course can be found at

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