Dorset Training Weekend Feb 2024

90e923a0-6234-4047-b013-b37d2efe9b91Fortunately the weather was kind to us this year, and despite it being a bit damp and windy it was not too cold and did not prevent us from making the most of the Purbecks. The weekend started with those that could get here on the Friday night, joining up with Tripurbeck for an interval run set which consisted of lots of build 1-3 laps throughout.

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Saturday commenced with a group ride to Whiteway’s for an hours hill rep session, and I think 8 were completed  by the fastest in total before a swift group ride back for a quick snack pre swim set. Despite being a bit wind blown 100% effort was sustained throughout the swim set, and for those that live a bit further afield, it was fantastic to see  progression in their speed, endurance and stroke mechanics. After a well needed lunch, we made the most of the remaining light for an easy social group ride, before completing the days training with some Strength and conditioning and mobility work.


Each year the Italian Kitchen in Wareham successfully feed a lot of  hungry athletes with top quality food and wine. A thoroughly enjoyable evening, and a great chance for us all to relax and wind down after a fantastic days training. Though with a 7.30am swim looming ahead for quite a few, it was a relatively early retreat to some much needed sleep and recovery, before the weekend rounded off with 100m reps strength session in the pool and an interval run session at Sika woods.



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Both Ade and myself really enjoy having this opportunity to train with you, and for some it was a fair trip down, but from our end totally worth it. Plus putting faces to names, and being able to get to know each other in the team over a weekend, is incredibly valuable.

Next one will be in the mountains in France! Cant wait, and just maybe we will sneak in another in Dorset, late spring early summer!

Fantastic attitude as ever from the team, and support for each other throughout the weekend.

Cant wait to get to those mountains now!


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