IM Lanzerote and Barcelona 70.3

Mark J was up first on Saturday in Lanzerote racing in his first every triathlon…IM Lanzerote!…mmmm… Well, despite a niggle in his knee, and a dodgy ankle after a nasty sprain running off road a few weeks ago, Mark put in a great effort for his first triathlon. Mark put in a great swim in one hour and a solid bike of 6hours 37ish. Then the hard marathon slog in very warm conditions, finishing in 4hrs 32, so overall time 12:30. Recovering now, enjoying the sunshine, but a full race report and picies will follow shortly!

Adam was racing on Sunday in Barcelona, again his first every 70.3. He put in a great swim and was in a great position out onto the bike. Unfortunately about 30km into the bike, he had a mechanical issue on the bike, which resulted in his back brake jamming. Subsequently, Adam had to ride the remaining of the bike course with his back brake stuck on! That’s a killer…..and whilst many would have called it a day after that, Adam was not going to be defeated, and got onto the run, when his legs were screaming at him (not surprisingly) and finished the half marathon. Huge respect here for Adam, and really unfortunate to have such a nightmare in your first 70.3. Personally, I raced with my back brake stuck on in a sprint duathlon about 4 years ago, and it still is very clear in my mind how tough it was. I only had to run 4 miles off the bike and that was really hard and demoralising, to have kept it going in such a long event shows real grit and determination. Those legs need some R and R now!

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