Swim Camps:5th October 25th Jan and March 29th

Our next dates are now out for goalspecific video analysis and swim coaching for your 2014/15 season. The first one kicks off on the 5th October. The session includes 1hour 30 Pool session, and within this time we will video your stroke above, and below the water, and coach you from poolside. It will be a drill based session focussed on improving your technical ability in the water. You will not be expected to be able to swim consistently for 90mins!!

After the pool based session, we will go through the video footage in All stars Conservatory, discussing swim technique, drills to help you improve your stroke, and how you need to structure your swim sessions to develop your speed and endurance in the water.

The Swim Camp is open to ALL abilities, and those who are currently goalspecific athletes, will receive a 25% discount off the cost of the session.

If you would like to sign up for more than one of the camp dates, so you can see how your stroke has developed in between camps, and progress your swim development, you will receive a 15% discount on further camps.

There is only one place left on both the 5th October and 25th Jan dates!

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