Best laid plans and all that!……

Well, it has been one of those years this year, first I fall and damage a ligament in my ankle, then my left hip flexor,(same side as ankle!) gets a hammering, which has now left me in a position with a torn hip flexor and subsequent tight IT bands, quads glutes etc etc, aggrevated by attempting the run at Bournemouth which I did, despite pre race making the decision not to run..A classic example of being caught up in the moment and suffering because of it.

So, the plan now has been changed. No running is advised for up to 10 weeks, and throughout this time a specific strength and conditioning programme to initially strengthen the hip flexor, which will no doubt be pretty weak after it has healed. After that, start introducing more specific exercises to develop my strength and power around my core, so I can start getting back to some quality running, which if I’m honest has always been missing in my training due to constantly being plagued by quad / hip injuries. Then after this block, reassess the situation and make a decision as to whether the European 70.3 Champs will go ahead for me….Yes, its disappointing, I was feeling fit, and based on my last middle distance event, I was in good form, and looking forward to a good block of training prior to Germany. But, these things happen, and I have had a long term problem with my left hip and quad, and the constant battering it gets through training, perhaps it was bound to happen sooner or later. If it highlights anything, it certainly illustrates the importance of strength and conditioning in a training plan, or more importantly, one that is specific to your own individual needs. Reflecting on my own strength and conditioning, I have worked on my core, posterior strength, and the major muscle groups, but have not at any point specifically isolated those areas that are clearly very weak, namely the hip flexors. So, where does this leave me now? Well, even if I could there would be absolutely no point in even trying to run, (as illustrated on sunday) as all it will do is make it worse and create knock on problems, so rest, recover, rebuild! For the next few weeks, biking needs to be very low key, so long aerobic endurance rides are fine, but no hard efforts. Swimming can keep going though!! and we will take each day at a time

Goals are always changing and mine just has! I haven’t crossed Germany off yet, its still there, but I have new short term goals to focus on, and a great physio to help me through the rehabilitation process, (and finding someone who is experienced and that you trust isn’t always easy!)… I will keep you posted on how it all goes!!

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