World Championship Sprint Qualifiers and Swashbucklers!

First up we had Derek racing in the World Championship Sprint Qualifiers to take place in Rotterdam next year. He raced this course back in 2012, but this time it was a draft legal race. First Triathlon of the season, Derek got off to a great start, matching his 2012 swim on a longer course which is good. Some speedy swimmers in his AG managed to latch onto a group of bikers ahead, so it was difficult to close the gap, however after some much improved Transition times, and the 2nd fastest run split, Derek came in 5th overall, which will no doubt secure him a slot on roll down! Great racing for the first Triathlon of the season.

Derek’s report on the race is below, if anyone is considering racing there:

Dorney Lake 21st May 2017, Qualifying race for 2017 World Sprint Championships in Rotterdam

Based at the rowing lake owned by Eton school, and the 2012 Olympic rowing venue, this triathlon has a great backdrop and today benefited from some warm sunshine and only a modest breeze.  The Dorney lake is clear, free of weeds and too deep to stand up in, whilst the bike course, if rather short and needing several laps for the distance, is traffic free and flat, so rather fast.  Sunday’s event was a qualifier for the 2017 World Championships in Rotterdam and was a draft-legal race.  The weather was fine and the course is flat and relatively free of sharp corners and so drafting completely changes the dynamics of the race, generally favoring good swimmers with moderate bike speed – because a group working together is not likely to be caught, especially in an environment where riders are not familiar with group tactics.  The venue lends itself well to draft racing because it is traffic free and can allow long intervals between waves, so avoiding congestion on the bike leg whilst permitting racing groups to form.

The event is well managed by ‘Human race’ and all of the facilities and amenities work well. Most importantly the course works for spectators – all of the swim course is visible, the bike course passes through the main spectator area four times and the run course starts and finishes in the main spectator area.
A good event if you fancy a fast, flat course.

Simon and Adam had a particularly early start (I think it was to do with the tides!), racing in the Swashbuckler in the New Forest. Both had a great day out, Adam in his first Triathlon of the year secured 3rd in his AG and 12th overall, so its looking good for his key races over the next few months. Simon also posted a 3rd in his AG with yet again another solid performance. This will only get better after a week riding in the mountains with us on our Tri camp next week!

So, we are all off for a week training in the mountains as from this weekend, it looks like the sun will be out for some spectacular mountain riding and running. A post camp blog will be posted. Then, its only weeks away until we all hit Staffs and Exmoor 70:3


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