Weymouth Classic and Sprint

Both Ade and James entered late into the above triathlons last weekend, and were struggling a little bit with motivation come race morning. Whilst standing by the sea in my hat, fleece, feeling cold, wet, and wind blown, IN AUGUST, cant understand why their motivation was ebbing! However, despite the elements it was still a great training race for them both, as James has Ironman Wales in a few weeks, and Ade is looking to qualifying at the Big Cow in Sept for the Sprint triathlon in Geneva next year.

James was up first, in the rather choppy sea, and after taking in a fair bit of the ocean, he set to work on the bike. Despite the fact James felt he had no drive for the race, he still posted a solid bike and rounded it off with a good run off the bike. So, everything is looking good for Wales. As for Ade, swim didn’t go too well, but saying that, I think it was his first sea swim this year! So, he set to work on the bike, and was slowly working his way through the pack, until his back wheel came off! Fortunately it was on a climb and jammed forward, so avoiding any nasty crashes. However, it did cost him a fair bit of time, which you haven’t really got in a Sprint race. Once fixed, Ade still put in a good run split and finished 10th overall. Full results can be found at www.fullonsports.co.uk

Also, well done to Clodie, who is coming on board with Goalspecific in September, racing her first Olympic distance at Weymouth, and looked very solid, and comfortable throughout the race. A great base for the her challenge of racing Barcelona 70.3 next year!

So, whats next? We have James and Mark racing in Ironman Wales, Adam and Liz racing in Weymouth Half, Derek and Ade looking to qualify for Geneva Sprint Champs, all on September 14th! I am also entered for the Long at Weymouth, however, I cannot run, so I am in the process of trying to find a runner, so will swim and bike then hand over! After seeing the Physio yesterday, the tear has healed, but is susceptible to damage and is vey weak, so need to build the running very slowly…..not sure that means running a marathon in less then 4 weeks!! However, I have my own goal of putting together a 7/8 week block of training to get myself strong enough to complete the European Championships in Mallorca on the 18th October. It gives me a focus! :)

More news will follow on how it all goes.

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