Race, or not race, still unsure!

Well, I have now gone 2 weeks without running, and working on fixing torn hip flexor. I am religiously following the stretching and strength and conditioning exercises, swimming and some light biking, and yes, there has been some progress, but if Im honest, not as much as I would have liked! So, my next race is meant to be the short course in Alpe Dhuez at the end of July, followed by Weisbaden 70.3 Championships in Germany. I will try a short run this week focus on drills / technique, and see whether its realistic, however, its not looking promising. Recovery it would seem for this takes a long time, and it does give me a fair bit of discomfort at night, and limited movement as well. But, these things happen, and if I can race, great, but obviously I have missed some quality training, so its not ideal which ever way you look at it! Alternatively, I can consider some late season races, however at the moment, I have a sneaky feeling that I have to just accept the fact that I need to be injury free to run, and this injury is no quick fix, subsequently, its just not going to happen for the rest of this year, so refocus my training and look towards getting strong, fit and injury free for 2015 season! I think the next 2 weeks are pretty critical in this decision!! We shall see

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