Adam Raymond

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Name -
Adam Raymond

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Location -
Winfrith Newburgh

How long you have been racing in Triathlon – Multi-sport – Running?

I have been running for around a year now, although increased mileage and intensity for the past 6months after entering in a number of half marathons. I am a complete newbie to triathlon and looking forward to competing in a few races next year.

What do you enjoy most about your training?

In training I enjoy pushing myself beyond my limit and the sense of achievement that brings afterwards, you can only improve on performance by hard work and determination. Pain is weakness leaving the body.

What do you find the hardest about your training?

What I find most difficult about training is motivation. I know what I want but after a 4.30am wake up and 11hr shift it’s difficult to get yourself in the right mindset to get on with training each night for a few hours. Caffeine is a godsend though and once I’m out doing it I’m not going to give up until it’s done. Stubborn as a mule!

Your highlights and greatest achievement so far?

From not being able to run 5k without stopping about 1year ago, to now being able to comfortably run half marathons at a decent pace is a great feeling. Stubbornly I’m not happy with just completing but to smash PBs each time I race, where possible. My first half marathon I was aiming for a PB of sub 1.40hr and was shocked when I came home in just over 1.34 (with plenty of gas left in the tank) now I have a benchmark Sub1.30hr is on the cards. Then Sub 1.25hr….. Etc


My main goals for 2016 are to complete a few local triathlons at sprint distance, then a standard triathlon or 2 and my main aims being an Ironman 70.3 Exmoor and possible another Half Ironman weymouth. I’m aiming for podium finished in the local events and strong positioning further afield and longer distances.

Looking ahead to the next few years I’m looking to improve all the time and have a few podium finishes in Ironman Events and possible qualify for the Europeans. With the potential of podium finishes in them. Then who knows where from there. You can do anything you want too if you just put your mind too it and dedicate hours to training.

How does Goal specific coaching benefit you?

Fran at Goal Specific has been a great help with my first steps in triathlon and coaching me correct and efficient techniques in the three disciplines. With a personalised training programme, I feel like it helps focus on areas that need improvement as well as keeping my all round fitness up and staying injury free. As well as having an all year round plan to make sure you will be at your peak for the main races/events.

I’m a guy that likes programmes as it is all too easy to come home from work and say “I’ll do it tomorrow” but with a programme I feel like, I know how long I’m going to be training for, I know what my training session is going to entail, and I know that if I give my all to this programme that has been put together by a highly qualified and experienced triathlete. I can unleash my true potential in the swim, on the bike and in the run.

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