Isobel Ross


Isobel Ross

Age Group:

Weymouth Dorset

How long you have been racing in Triathlon – Multi-sport – Running?
1st race was a sprint tri April 2015

What do you enjoy most about your training?

What do you find the hardest about your training?
Finding the time. The motivation as well in winter.

Your highlights and greatest achievement so far?
Meeting fun and like-minded people; cycling around Alpes d’Huez and completing my first 1/2 IM distance in 5hrs32 :)

Do it all again! want to do 2 half distances next year and get more powerful by doing more S&C

How does Goal Specific coaching benefit you?
Fran has taken the time to get to know me and understands where i am coming from and what i have to juggle in my life. With Goal Specific training i simply try to do what i am set and i don’t have to think about it, just do it and reap the benefits.

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