Goalspecific Triathlon Training Camp – Alpe Dhuez France 2016

Triathlon Training in the French Alps

The Alpe Dhuez Triathlon Training week is offered to triathletes who are looking for an intense training week with high level technical coaching in an amazing mountainous environment, which will involve riding some of the great iconic alpine cols, including the 21 bends of Alpe Dhuez.

Due to the nature of the specific coaching, we have only 12 places available which will be distributed on a first come first served basis. Also, those that book before February 14th will receive an extra 10% discount of the cost on top of the existing discount!

Not only will you be developing your endurance whist enjoying the amazing scenery of some of the most famous cols, visited by the Tour de France on a regular basis, but we will also be using video analysis to develop your technique in the three disciplines. This will be followed up with group and individual feedback in the evening sessions.

We will also be offering you the opportunity to experience riding a CompuTrainer, which will provide you with data on your pedal efficiency, a functional threshold capacity test if you wish, and the benefits of working to power.

We can also provide field tests in all three disciplines and provide evening tutorials on how to use these results in your training programme. How often you should be testing, and how your programme should be balanced around work, family, rest, and achieving your triathlon goals.

You will receive an athlete’s questionnaire once you have booked your place. Please complete it in as much detail as possible so we can get a picture of your fitness, goals, and individual objectives of what you would like to achieve from the week.

The Programme Can Include
Time trial up Alpe D’Huez
  • Time trial up Alpe D’Huez
  • Ride the long distance Alpe D’Huez triathlon course
  • Climbs up the some of the great cols of the French Alpes
  • CompuTrainer assessment including pedal efficiency / functional threshold capacity
  • Critical swim speed testing and video analysis of your stroke
  • Running assessment and video analysis
  • Evening discussions of periodization, nutrition and smart training
  • Strength and conditioning advice and sessions
  • One to One feedback and advice on how to build a training plan
Example Itinerary




Day 1: Arrive and settle in

2-3hr Ride exploring some of the mountains

Meet the group, outline weeks programme

Day 2: Swim technique session: Focus on drill work and improving catch (video analysis)

1hr Run: inc element of drill work focusses on running efficiency and technique

Analyse swim video and discus CompuTrainer assessments

Day 3: 3hr Mountain ride: Up one of the Grand Cols (Croix de Fer, Gallibier)

Interval session: Build on run economy work and video your technique

Analyse run video and discuss

Day 4: Swim: CSS set (Critical Swim Speed)

Off road: longer run at Alpe D’Hhuez

121: Level 3 Coach goal planning, and how to train, CompuTrainer assessment

Day 5: Ride Alpe D’Huez: Long bike course to include Col de Serre, Col de Ornon and finally Alpe D’Huez

Swim: Recovery, smooth swim

Strength and Conditioning session

Day 6: Swim: Endurance session, video analysis

Brick session: Ride the 21 bends of Alpe D’Huez, collect trainers, run Alpe D’Huez tri course

How to: Periodize your training and plan to peak for your key races

Day 7: Easy ride: Lake Laffrey for open water swim session and picnic


Question and Answer session

We will have a support vehicle on all rides and Level 3 & 2 triathlon coaches. It is very important that you listen to your body, as we can adjust the sessions accordingly. For those wanting to cut a ride short, we can collect at any point.

We will also discuss your own goals that you have, your time available and discuss how you can plan your training smartly, and periodize your training blocks to peek for your race goals.

If you would subsequently like a more specific training programme, then I will spend time on a one to one basis with you, so we can build your profile and work towards developing a training programme that fits around work, family and other commitments.

Dates 2016

29th May – 4th June


£280 Per Person

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