More great results

Last week Chris was racing in Mallorca in his second ironman distance of the year (first year of triathlon training as well!) and posted a great time of 11:34, with a 1:13 non wetsuit swim (not bad as his first race last August was a sprint in which he swam breastroke!). Then a blistering 5:38 on his super fast planet x exocet. Unfortunately, his nutrition plan had to change a bit towards the end of the bike due to a lack of gels at the aid station, and not long into the run cramp set in. Therefore the final run of 4:36 was off target pace, but considering his work load this year starting a new job which has been posting him all around the country, so longer sessions were not on the agenda, plus his short amount of time racing in the sport, it was a fantastic performance. A well deserved rest now for Chris for a couple of months.

Now moving onto speedy Serena, who yet again has illustrated her running talent in the Bournemouth 10km on Saturday. The plan was to go and see if she could break the 40min mark. Well, not only did she do that, but took a few extra minutes off as well, finishing in a sub 38min time, and first overall female! I have to say, Im pretty pleased I cant do the Osprey this sunday! – watch out ladies, she is quick! :)

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