Goal Specific Swimming Stroke Video Analysis

This is Guy. Guy was a total novice a few years ago, a total non swimmer who developed his stroke through attending Goal Specific swim video analysis camps.

Guy has gone from not being able to swim 400m without stopping (a lot!) to a 6min 400m swimmer!

We worked on developing his front catch, altered his head position, and introduced drills that helped him develop his pull through the water. He will be attending the next camp on 11th January to take his swimming a stage further.


Remember, if your legs sink or you have a scissor kick, don’t make the mistake of just working on the legs.

It’s cause and affect, so address the imbalances at the front of your stroke (catch, pull, head position, avoiding cross over and breathing etc). If you correct this, then you will find your legs will adjust as well.

To find out more about our swimming stroke analysis please contact us.

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