Developing Power strength and technique: Part 2

As promised, a follow up to previous post on how to develop and improve your bike strength and power! With the weather, it is certainly time to make the most of your turbo / computrainer / watt bike, which ever beast you work with! Previously, I provided a couple of sessions relating to working at your threshold, and developing your cadence. Therefore, this time, we will look at strength and an example of a short short anaerobic session. Great for a quality set when short of time (though remember to allow adequate recovery from this before beasting yourself again!)

10mins nice and easy zone 1/2 cadence 90 plus
3 x 3mins increasing cadence over each minute, though staying in the same gear
6 x 6mins pushing a big gear, cadence 60-70 zone 2/3. Important to maintain smooth pedalling technique, upper body still.
(alternate seated effort with standing effort)
Take 1 min easy spin cadence over 90 between efforts.
10mins easy warm down

10mins easy warm up
5mins as 20mins high cadence high spin, 40 easy
Main set:
6 x 30secs MAX 1min easy recovery between
3 x 1min MAX 90secs easy recovery
1 x 2min MAX 3mins easy recovery
3 x 1min MAX 90secs recovery
6 x 30secs MAX 1 min easy recovery
10mins very easy spin warm down
In total there is 14mins of effort in this main set, but its top end stuff, – it will feel like a lot more!

Have fun :)

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