Weymouth Half: Clodies Account

How on earth did I end up doing three races in three weekends??!! So a week after Zell am See, another 4am start to head to Horsham for a relay race, along with several other nutters. This was a sprint event where each member of the team did a sprint triathlon. All I wanted to do was go to sleep!

After a quick dip in the lake, a blast round the bike route, the run went straight into a nasty hill, and I hate hills!! After 2 laps, the race was all over. I think our team came 4th in the mixed open event, despite two of us being old, we had a young one as part of our team. My legs didn’t quite know what was going on, but I didn’t let the side down too much!!

Finally to race three, Challenge Weymouth Half…. by this time my legs were officially knackered, so it was a last minute decision whether to go for it, I think I must have driven poor Fran mad with trying to make my mind up. After another very early start, I was beginning to regret my decision, the sea was choppy and the wind was picking up. After nearly swimming to France (must get my eyes tested), I sat in transition so cold I couldn’t get my socks on, and decided that I had properly lost the plot. The bike ride improved as I thawed out, and I did my normal plod on the run, sampling all the delights of the aid stations! I actually was beginning to enjoy the run, when I realised I had to turn into the finish, expecting to run a half marathon, it ended up as 11.5 miles. I thought I’d gone wrong somewhere ( I never listen in the briefings), but it turned out that for some bizarre reason the run was short? Somehow I managed 3rd in my age group, all those nasty turbo sessions must be working!!

Next year I need to be more organised

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