Recovering from injury: A blog I wrote for Zone 3

Here is a blog I wrote for Zone 3 after ankle ligament reconstruction surgery!

The whole concept of running when I wrote this article just seemed alien to me, but in Jan I commenced with a few mins running / walking and slowly got to a place where I could run without stopping before I raced my first 70.3 (in May) , whilst maintaining physio work and more strength and conditioning. Not to mention plenty of swimming and Turbo sessions. Its now August, I have completed 3 70.3 events, placing 3rd in Aix and 2nd in Exmoor and Staffordshire (only a week apart).  I have won and come 2nd in 2 standard distance duathlons, and am now preparing for Vichy IM in a couple of weeks, well less than that! I have just returned from a couple of weeks in the mountain, having a break and some quality mountain riding / running, so hopefully this will help come race day! My plan this year has always to focus on getting the ankle strong, regaining and building on my strength and endurance, so I can continue injury free, then put in a great winters block to be super strong and race ready for 2018!

So far so good! :)

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