Next event: 70.3: Rapperswil

I am up next on the 1st June racing in Switzerland. NO pressure on this race as I am not looking to qualify this year for the World Champs, Canada is a bit too far, expensive, and too difficult to coordinate with kiddies at school and Ade at work! Really looking forward to racing, although still concerned about the strength of my ankle after injuring it a few weeks ago. I would say 85% there, but hills really aggravate it still, so the stair way to heaven on the run should be interesting. However, still just under 2 weeks, so I am sticking to the strength exercises, and treatment, so fingers crossed it will be absolutely fine by then!

Other news, Liz F, James and Justin are racing on the 15th June in the Race to the Bill, so lots of news to follow!

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