National Sprint Championship Results:

LOTS of news this weekend, so lets start with Saturday! We had a good tripurbeck / goalspecific team racing at Milton Keynes in the National Sprint Championships which was also the Wold Sprint Championships qualifiers. We had Justin and Guy off in the first wave, which looked pretty chaotic at the start. Justin put in a blistering swim, and was right up there, with Guy not far behind. They biked well, though definitely would have benefitted from TT bikes, then finished strong finishing 11th and 19th In their age groups. Then in the next wave Derek and Ade were off, again, didn’t look too friendly at the start of the swim. Ade put in a solid performance from start to finish, coming in 20th in his age group, where Derek was flying on his TT bike and won his age group with a clear 45 seconds, securing his place at Geneva next year! Fantastic results! I went last in the female wave, and it has been YEARS since I have done a sprint, now I know why!! It takes me about 750m to get warmed up in the swim, by which time I had been bashed, swum over, and had probably drunk half the lake, so was about 2-3mins behind However, made up a fair bit on the bike, which put me into the top 10! The run was really why I entered it, just to see if I could run off the bike for a solid 20mins without hip problems, and I was very pleased to achieve this!! I also finished 3rd in my age group which was a surprise which is also a championship slot. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hang around as I had to get to Weymouth to rack my bike for Challenge Weymouth long distance on sunday! (Team race, Certainly not able to run a marathon yet, so I was to swim and bike and tripurbeck coach Dave p was going to run (after he had finished marshalling for the Purbeck marathon in the morning!) It has to be a new blog for the ironman news, as so many were racing well!

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