So what are the benefits of protein???

Food is energy, which is chemically released within our cells and stored as ATP (Adenosine Triphospate). At rest, energy is received equally from carbs and fats,after intense short exercise more carbs than fats are used to generate ATP and over long sessions that are less intense, Carbs and Fats are required for sustained energy production. Fruit, vegitables help supply us not only with natural sugars, but provide us with many vital vitmains and minerals that keep us healthy and injury free. So, where does Protein come into it??
There are over 10 000 different Proteins in the body, which consist of a mixture of structures known as Amino Acids that combine to build, repair and maintain our muscles, bone, tendons, skin, hair and other tissues. Proteins are also involved in nutrient transportation and enzyme production. Every time we exercise, we damage our muscles, we put untold impact through our bones, tendons and ligaments, and we give our skin a bit of a rough time as well, exposing it to chlorine and the wind, rain and occassional sunshine!! Therefore it is vital to prevent long term injury or damage to our body, and aid muscle adaptation from all the hard work we are putting in, by consuming protein.
So, how much should we be eating? Ideally, small regular meals throughout the day work better than 3 larger meals, and if possible include protein in your snacks. The recommendation is 1.5grams per kilo of body weight. Endurance athletes should comsume 2 grams per kilo of body weight. To give an idea of how much this is, an average chicken breast is about 30grams and a pint of milk is 20grams. Timing of your protein consumption is really important as well. Evidence suggests that Protein taken immediately before and within the first 15mins after exercise, will decrease the muscle damage accured through exercise. So, the quicker you can get some protein in after exercise the better to repair, refuel, rehydrate and reinforce your immune system. A good milkshake with fruit in is ideal for this, and a lot cheaper than the protein shakes on the market. Plus you are getting the necessary carbs, vitamins and fluid! After the 2 hour window, the rate of muscle synthesis massively reduces.
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