Duathlons and Half marathons!

Athletes were out in force last weekend in events ranging from 6 hour endurance adventure races through to sprint Duathlons and half marathons. Myself Sharon, Derek, and Jenni were battling against the cold and wind up north in  a competitive Clumber park Duathlon. Sharon and Derek were looking to qualify, and both narrowly missing first pace still secured qualification slots. Myself and Jenni were there purely to dust off our TT bikes and sharpen the legs, duathlon racing is certainly not listed as our key event!.. Definitely a shock to the system, but solid result none the less, Jenni coming home in the t0p 15, 6th in age group, and I came home 7th overall, 3rd in age group. The event did however illustrate to me the importance of a warm up as running for 5 seconds from the loo to the start line doesn’t quite do the job!! Also, in our hasty departure on Friday night , I forgot race tops, and more importantly, my ankle strapping, and did suffer the consequences of a cold race, lack of ankle support and a run heavy event.  We will see what the ankle surgeon says in May, but it would seem that missing a ligament has a fair few knock on consequences and weaknesses in the leg!!!

Whilst we were battling the cold up North, Mark and Evan decided to go for a dip along the Dorset coastline in a kayak, to then ride  and run(cold and wet) for hours around Dorset. If I’m honest, not 100% sure I know why, but a good session none the less!

Claude posted a massive PB at Eton Lake Sprint Duathlon, finishing 2nd in age group and 10th overall. He is just getting quicker and quicker!!

Finally, Isobel tested out her winter training, and entered the Weymouth half marathon, as did Ray. A solid performance from Isobel finishing 2 hours exactly and a pb for Ray in 1:32

For a more entertaining read and a more detailed round up of those athletes also linked with the Tripurbeck Club, have a read of the post below! :)


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