Junior Squad enjoying the sunshine!

At last, the sun came out for us!! Their session today was a run / turbo set, followed by an hour in the pool Our younger members were first up on the turbos, with Zena getting them working hard with some interval work, followed by a run set on the field. The older juniors had it even harder as after some agility and drill work, they had a tough interval set, followed by a 45min turbo set, only to finish with a run off the bike! After a quick break, they were all straight into the pool for an hours swim set. After a good warm up, all members completed a 200m TT, before finishing with some drill work and some open water practice. Yet again we were thoroughly impressed with their attitude to the session, their determination and perseverance. Also, Sam was racing in the Cross country national club championships on Saturday, finishing an impressive 24th overall in his age group, first home from the county. Also Lola and Lily were racing in the schools cross country competition on Thursday, Lily completing it twice as they were one short in their team. Only to then cream a 1500m timetrial at the club running track session on Friday night. They all deserve a good days rest tomorrow, and a lot of sleep!!!

Well done to all of you, and looking forward to seeing you race for Tripurbeck on the 23rd!

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