Bournemouth Triathlon Sprint

Well, I wasn’t the only one not having the best of races, but persevering all the same! Adam was racing before me in the Sprint today, and was looking in good form. However as he came out of the sea after the somewhat short 750m swim (they really cant get their distances right!) he looked rough as anything! I didn’t get a chance to catch up with him afterwards, however, I did learn that 5mins onto the bike he threw up. Most people at this point would have called it a day, but one thing we know about Adam from his experience in Barcelona, is that it takes a lot for him to pull out of a race. So, after his sickness episode, Adam got back on his bike completed the bike and run and actually posted a pb!!! Thats pretty impressive. (though not necessarily highly recommended.) Hopefully Adam will be sending through a race report of his own shortly so more will be following!

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