Great results at Bournemouth half and full marathon!

     Huge congratulations to both Laura and Terri who smashed their half marathon pbs, Terri by 12 minutes and Laua posting a 1:43 – brilliant! We also had Eric racing in his big challenge of the year, the full marathon, and tripurbeck David B. David despite not being well in the lead up posted a 3:15 – wow – and, well I will let Eric tell you how his day went :)

  I    DID   IT

On the 2nd of October I successfully took part in my first Marathon at Bournemouth to celebrate turning 60 this year. This was part of a year of events and challenges I took part in every month.

The Marathon was also an opportunity to raise money for Macmillan and Alzeimers Research.

Anyone still wanting to donate can do so by visiting


The course of 26.2 miles started at Kings Park near Bournemouth Football Club and went out to Hengitsbury Head wound its way via Southbourne to Boscombe on to Bournemouth out to Sandbanks and back to Bournemouth Pier for the finish.

During the course of the run I burned 4,500 calories and it took me 5 hours 11 minutes.

In the months leading up to the event I trained 12 hours a week under the supervision of Fran Bungay at Goalspecific.

On the day of the race I consumed porridge, bananas, fruit and toast with honey for breakfast. During the course of the day I had 2 bottles of Lucozade, 9 litres of water, 4 energy bars, 8 Isotonic gels, chocolate brownie, 2 plates of spaghetti bolognaise along with ice cream and apple strudel, washed down with a couple of pints of celebration lager.                                          I STILL LOST 1 KILO IN WEIGHT.

At the end I had a 20 minute massage, care of the support team at Macmillan followed the next by a 1 hour session with Joe Parkes, sports physio in Wareham. By Tuesday it was still hurting to go up and down the stairs.


At time of writing, 5/10/16, I have received £3,000 in donations with more to come and as a result I am confident I will reach my target of £4,000.

Again a big thank you to all who helped make this possible and all who have generously donated.

Lastly can I thank Elizabeth, my wife, for putting up with weeks and weeks of boring facts and smelly trainers and kit all over the house.


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