Arundel 25th May, training day!

In preparation for 70.3 Rapperswill next week, I entered Arundel to see how the ankle is holding up after falling badly and twisting it on a training run 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the ideal race preparation, but initially I thought I had broken it, fortunately not, just ligament damage….so, it could have been worse!!

Ignoring the fact that I have felt slightly under the weather as well these last few days, I got up at 4:30am for a 7:15am start. I think that hurt more than the race to be honest!. Another blustery day, but at least the rain held off. After the swim and the bike I had about a minutes lead, then it all went a bit pear shaped. I just felt rubbish. Then at the top of the climb, I missed the left hand arrow and carried on going. Once realising my error I had to double back then go the right way!!! So, my run was bad to say the least. BUT on the plus side, the ankle was fine, so I just need to rest up now, (as feeling very rough now), and get race ready for next sunday!!

So, 3mins slower than 2 years ago, all lost on the run, lost my lead, and came in 2nd, but despite feeling very annoyed that I have picked up a bug and went wrong on the course (this was ALL my fault, there were plenty of arrows out there) I need to take the positives out of the day as well. 1. swim was faster. 2 Bike about the same but much windier this time, so conditions were harder. 3. Run RUBBISH……BUT my biggest concern was my ankle, and a high percentage was off road, so really positive that no sign of a niggle today and much stronger as well, so thanks Joe for all the pain you have given me these last few weeks, it has paid off! And, at the end of the day, you cant expect to run well when your body is fighting an infection of sorts, plus, I have missed 3 weeks of quality run sets… So, fingers crossed a few rest days and some long lie ins will knock it on the head, as I will be really fed up if its a lingerer!!!!

So, me and Sharon are up next week! Sharon is racing in Spain in the World Sprint Duathlon Championships, and I will be hitting the hills in Switzerland!

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