Adams Sprint Race report.

As promised, Adams race report from Bournemouth!

Bournemouth Sprint where to start, Got up early this morning 4am, like a normal day at work, But after having a week off it was all a bit of a shock.
After finally waking up, had breakfast as normal like before any race, stayed nice and safe by having cereal and some fruit, So I thought…
I then made my way to the race, A slow gentle 10k spin nice and easy!

After getting into transition and putting wetsuit on made my way to the beach, with a new route for the swim this year I thought the swim was pretty short,
when the whistle blew I made my way to the front and headed for first buoy.

Swim was great and swimming not being my strongest point, felt good!, Well that was till exit of the water, had a quick look at watch and swim was only 550m??, Felt a bit dizzy, nothing unsual, but then all of a sudden it hit me and i knew this felt different!

I pushed onto the bike, to the first nasty hill which eased up on towards rest of course, So with ten mins on bike still not feeling good, ( normally the dizziness is gone by now ), with four to six ahead like normal aimed at closing down, which for the next five minutes I was, then that was when I felt like I had not eaten, very weak and felt very sick, I pushed on back towards T2 coming up to wessex hotel roundabout then had to pull over on to pavement, Won’t go into to much detail, but saw my fruit again and at this point thought the race was over.

I was there for about five minutes, thinking of sitting down, but thought I’d ease back to T2 just to get some water, but after few minutes felt good again, got into transition and slowly made way onto run course, grabbed some water and pushed on thinking just finish…. As I went on I was feeling fine, which then pushed me to finish, I carried on to the end, looking at my watch after I still had a pb on course.

Another hard day but wasnt going to give up not after Barcelona.

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