2023 Dorset training weekend

777a431a-e094-4d00-9f27-a6a1ffb9abbbb688a40c-341d-4ef1-859d-818f7be7fe6aI have to say we were incredibly lucky for our Dorset Training weekend with the team last weekend. Every year we like to get as many of the team together as feasible for a weekend of training here in the Purbecks. It is a great chance for the team to meet each other, and there is nothing like a bit of group training to push yourself!  The team did not disappoint, it was a great few days made by the attitude and support from everyone. We started on Friday evening, with the more local members of the team joining us for the tri club’s Friday night interval session at the Purbeck Sports Centre, where they worked incredibly hard. This was followed by a Saturday morning ride, consisting of a group aerobic ride to a short hilly loop for a bit of intensity. Fortunately we were able to stock everyone up on Precision Hydration and Rawvelo goodies before we headed off so we all stayed well fuelled and hydrated. Once back and after essential coffee and cake we had the whole pool booked for an hour’s swim session, which I feel may have been more exhausting for me and Ade poolside! ????????  I doubt the swimmers would agree.

341f08ab-b77c-4b6f-8535-86290137914bAfter the swim, a little more rest and refuelling was necessary before the training for the day finished with an optional short sharp interval run set, and an S and C session specifically focussed on core and mobility, before a well earned meal out at Wareham Quay, where we are  hosted us every year by the excellent  Italian Kitchen Restaurant. I have to say it is great to see the team sharing their aims, goals, training experiences with each other.  So often Age group athletes work hard, train in the spare few hours they have in the day, and it can all get pretty lonely and hard especially in the winter. Although it is always a bit risky running a weekend in winter, I think it can help with motivation and morale when you realise that you are not alone in managing your time to meet your training goals, and getting that opportunity to chat and train with others!

060782e7-5f82-4553-a781-afc57989e1a8On Sunday we thought we would show case a bit of the Dorset Coastline, fortunately it was  relatively dry for an enjoyable scenic run to Corfe Castle and back before finishing the weekend with a swim and final coffee.

I would like to thank everyone who came who made the weekend really enjoyable. As ever, you give it 100% and it is this mental approach, hard work and positivity that is so inspiring. Next one in sunnier climates (and maybe a bit hillier!) in France this May!


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