ETU Championship Medal and more!

Another week of racing for Goalspecific athletes, and another set of fantastic results! Huge congratulations to Becky who was racing in the ETU Olympic distance Championship event, in a very large Age Group. Slightly off the pace in the swim, (more to come there)  she went to work on the bike and put in a cracking run off the bike, to finish on the podium in third place! A great result on so many levels, but considering we went a winter of months without running due to a fall which resulted in a damaged knee, its testament to Becky for working so hard on her s and c work, being patient and returning back to running sensibly, and clearly fast!  So many more medals to come, and so soon after a podium finish and slot to Nice 703 next year, seems any distance is possible!!

Whilst Becky was putting her feet up in Europe, George had just returned from Europe where he had spent 2 weeks downhill mountain biking amongst other things (and fortunately didnt break himself in the process) and decided to go straight into a 100km Jurassic Coastal run on his return. The altitude training must have helped, as he finished 2nd Overall!! Amasing! Still waiting to catch up with George for a full report, but very impressive!

A bit closer to home, well at the bottom of our road, the Durberville 10km took place which must have been pretty hot! Well done Tripurbeck // Poole Runner Danny who I believe came 6th overall, and a great effort from Liza battling the heat as well! Finishing in the top 25 female athletes, (no categories stated as yet!) is a great result!

So, whats next?

First up is Leanne, racing IM Switzerland this weekend, and Emma and Rich racing South Coast Triathlons Sprint and Olympic. Then for a bit of mid week racing we have Derek racing the short course Alpe Dhuez and Tripurbeck Jane King is lining up as well. I will be making my way around the Alpe DHuez Long Course! Though as much as I would love to see what I could do on those mountains…..not this time! Whilst debating whether I would race or not, T220 have commissioned me to write a report on the event, from an athletes point of view! Well thats made my decision about starting! So, with a lot of nerves and apprehension as to whether my iron stores will get me through it, I will give it a bash, and enjoy the views. It might give me an indication as to whether Madrid Challenge is realistic in September!



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