Jenni Wisher

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Jenni Wisher

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How long you have been racing in Triathlon – Multi-sport – Running?
5 years

What do you enjoy most about your training?
The satisfaction of finishing a hard session, especially one where I’ve really had to dig deep to finish. Learning new skills (especially learning to front crawl)

What do you find the hardest about your training?
Accepting that due to a full time job I can’t fit in all the training that I would like to do!

Your highlights and greatest achievement so far?
3rd in Age Group at Ironman Wales in my first year of long distance racing was perhaps my best achievement. Representing GB at the European Middle Distance Championships was also a highlight.

To get faster and stronger in all 3 disciplines and to actually turn up at a race feeling confident in my ability.

How does Goal specific coaching benefit you?
I like having a structured training session that is specific to my own goals, it helps me to train consistently. Fran is really easy to contact so any problems or questions I have are dealt with very quickly and I have confidence that she has the experience and knowledge to set sessions that benefit my training and goals. The content of the sessions and progression is something I was specifically looking for and so far I haven’t been disappointed, I’m already looking forward to next season.

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